Mark Douglas

Mark Douglas

“It is almost impossible for the beginning trader to make a reasonable assessment of the level of expertise that is required to function in a trading environment.”

— Mark Douglas, The Disciplined Trader


Most traders have the potential to succeed, but most fail to live up to their potential... for two reasons.

​1. Some have adequate TECHNIQUE but lack the MINDSET to execute it consistently. 

2. Others have the right MINDSET, but lack robust TECHNIQUE.

(Naive traders lack both.) 

What if there were a simple and affordable way to upgrade your MINDSET and TECHNIQUE together? That's when SYNERGY happens. (I explain this in the video below.)

MASTERMIND PRO covers the very same topics I address every day with my private clients, but at 1/100th the cost. 
The MASTERMIND PRO service, however, is limited to
100 elite subscribers.

Are ready to raise your game?

48 insight-packed downloadable, HD Training Videos reveal the advanced Mindset, Techniques and Tactics you need to win in today’s volatile markets. 


Regular Price $97/mo.

with Friends & Family Discount: 

If the program saves you just one bad trade per month, it pays for itself many times over.


Regular Price:  $997
You pay just $497.

Bonuses for Annual Subscribers: 
~ 30 min phone consultation ($150 value) 
~ The original "Turtle" Indicator (for NinjaTrader)
~ Increasing Discipline Mp3 ($150 value)
~ "Pain Eraser" Mp3 ($97 value)