Mark Douglas

“It is almost impossible for the beginning trader to make a reasonable assessment of the level of expertise that is required to function in a trading environment.”

— Mark Douglas, The Disciplined Trader


Trading is difficult, but most traders have the potential to succeed. However, over 20 years of coaching traders, I’ve noticed that most fail to live up to their potential… for two reasons.

​1. Some have adequate TECHNIQUE but lack the MINDSET to execute it consistently.

2. Others have the right MINDSET, but lack robust TECHNIQUE.

(And some traders lack both.)

What if there were a simple and affordable way to upgrade your MINDSET and TECHNIQUE together? So they actually reinforce each other. (Explained in the video below.)

MASTERMIND PRO covers the very same topics I address every day with my private clients, but at 1/100th the cost.
The MASTERMIND PRO service, however, is limited to
100 elite subscribers.


“Dr. Reid. It’s so refreshing to deal with someone who really wants to help.

So many sharks out there.” Joe M.

Are you ready to raise your game?

More than 30 insight-packed downloadable, HD Training Videos reveal the advanced Mindset, Techniques and Tactics you need to win in today’s volatile markets.
Click on the video below to view the first lesson in the ongoing series.

“I have been day trading for over 10 years with mixed results. I have over 200 books on trading and attended over 20 instructional courses over the years. Nothing has opened my eyes more than your Mastermind videos.

The light went on and it’s all starting to make sense.”

J.P.M., Somewhere in Maine

“Dr. Reid is an extraordinary day trading coach and brings compelling ideas to the table. He takes the time to understand what type of trader you are and what type of trader you need to become.
​ He is a master at this craft..”

Bruce T., Franklin, Michigan

(Bruce trades the open and usually makes his daily goal in less than 30 min.
This gives him more time to play tennis.)

If the program saves you just one bad trade,

it pays for itself many times over.