“Turtles 2.0” software is coming!

​​Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt taught the  legendary “Turtles” the importance of
MINDSET and METHOD working together.

They used a math-based method with one simple indicator and strict entry, exit and position sizing rules.

They also rejected 97.5% of applicants.
They only selected apprentices who could follow system rules to the letter.

Moreover, trading was very different back then.
The Turtles were not daytraders. They were swing and position traders. 
They used hand-drawn charts and phoned in orders.

This is the actual Turtle formula:
 Math-based method + Highly Disciplined traders + Slow moving markets = Success.

Trading is much more complicated today, which got me wondering: 

Would it be possible to apply what was good about the original Turtle system to our modern markets…
and make it available to the average aspiring screen trader regardless of the time frame he/she trades? 

I believe I’ve come up with a viable solution.

It’s a suite of software that will be available on the NinjaTrader 8 platform
for lease to Mastermind Pro subscribers only.

(Cost will be less than a daily latte.)

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