“Turtles 2.0” software is coming soon!

​​Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt taught the “Turtles”
MINDSET and METHOD together.

They used one simple indicator and strict entry, exit and position sizing rules.

They also rejected 97.5% of applicants.

They selected apprentices who could follow system rules to the letter.

But things were very different back then.

In the mid-1980’s, trading didn’t happen on computer screens.

They were using hand-drawn charts and phoned in their orders.

Everything moved much slower. Like a Turtle.

I think the Turtle ‘formula’ was like this:

 Math-based method + Disciplined traders + Slow moving markets = Success.

Trading is much more complicated today.

So I’ve been wondering:
How could we apply the original Turtle principles to train traders 
for 21st Century markets?

I believe I’ve come up with a viable solution.

It’s a suite of software that will be available for lease to Mastermind Pro subscribers only.

(Cost will be less than a daily latte.)

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